I just bought a puppy… ahhh, what do I do? WHAT DO I DO?!

Ok, not to fret, congratulations you just made one of the best and most rewarding decisions of your life. I mean, look at those eyes, they just say ‘love me’… or feed me, sometimes it’s hard to tell. But pretty much, if you do both of those things then you’re well on your way to becoming puppy parent of the year.

First things first, you’re going to need a few items. Don’t worry, you’re going to love buying them and will probably gush a little bit about how cute they are. Here’s a list of a few things you’re going to want…

  • Collar and leash
  • A cute little tag with his or her name on it and your contact details. Millie’s is in the shape of a bone 🙂
  • A puppy bed…adorable
  • Food and water bowls
  • A grooming brush. Not super necessary to begin with but always good to get your little one used to it as early as possible.
  • Some cute little toys! To begin with some soft cuddly ones are important as they act as comforters.
  • Some puppy pads for toilet training.
  • Umm… probably recommend some carpet and floor cleaning products. You know, just in case the concept of the puppy pads and/or the grass takes a while to catch on.
  • A crate. Up to you, it’s optional but it can be a great way to make your puppy feels cosy and safe, not to mention good for training.
  • And of course, some super nutritious food…

Now, the food you choose for your little furry friend is important. It has to be nutritious and help them grow into healthy furry friends. Everyone has their opinion on what is best for your puppy, and if you check on the internet you’ll have thousands of articles telling you what to do… I mean, hello, you’re reading this right now! So my advice would be to call your vet and ask them! Your vet is going to be your contact and guru for your dog’s health throughout his or her life, so may as well ask them what they think. I mean you need to call them anyway to book in your puppy’s vaccinations and probably best to get them neutered as well, so just ask them for food advice while you’re at it. Keep in mind that they will probably want you to buy from them, but we all know there are cheaper ways to get your puppy products 😉 So simply ask for their opinion and then buy wherever works best for you.

Ok, so most of your parental obligations are done, you’re almost ready to start playing and making silly voices as you say “who’s the cutest, you’re the cutest!”. You’ve bought some necessary items, got the best puppy food around and have called your vet to book in your vaccinations and asked for their advice during this time…now you just need to register your new family member with your local council. Simply find your council website online and follow the links to pet registration, or give them a call. Ok your done, off you go… “who’s the cutest, you’re the CUTEST!”

New Puppy Checklist

  • Buy your puppy the necessary items listed above
  • Call your local vet for food advice and any other advice you feel you need.
  • Book in the necessary vaccinations and neutering procedure with your vet
  • Register your pet with your local council

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