The first day…

Millie's Choice - Puppy and Shoe

It’s little puppies first day in his or her new home, they look adorable trotting along in your living room…and oh my gosh, now that’s a bit cheeky, and how did you get there? I don’t think you should be eating that. Probably best to somewhat puppy proof your house, they are conniving and for something so small can cause quite a lot of mayhem.

  • Hide anything that looks like a toy, but isn’t. Such as electrical chords and dangling blind and curtain rods.
  • Don’t leave food or small items on the kitchen bench, especially near the edges where they can bet gotten to.
  • Store away any household chemicals or poisons.
  • Keep the toilet lids down… puppies can get thirsty and sometimes they fall in
  • If your puppy seems to like chewing on the furniture, then you can buy some yucky tasting liquid, which you can spray onto wood and fabric items.
  • Block off any areas of the house you don’t want them getting into… such as carpeted areas.

Now, here’s the thing, your puppy used to have a furry mum and dad, not to mention most likely a horde of bouncing brothers and sisters. So it can come as a shock to be without them all of a sudden. For this very reason you should create a quiet and cosy space for your puppy. This is where the crate can come in if you have one. Think den-like…they are dogs after all. So make is warm, small, cosy and lots of soft blankets.

Make sure all members of your family play with little pooch in a calm and quiet way, at least to begin with. Don’t scare the little one.

Show your puppy its water bowl and feeding area and make sure you take them outside every few hours to try and get them used to going to the toilet outside on the grass. Have a few puppy pads set up inside, just in case though. And if you do catch them going to the toilet inside, but not on the pads, then quickly scoop them up and place them on the mat. They should start to understand where they’re supposed to go. Eventually you’ll move those puppy pads outside once they get the hint.

Make sure they’re fully supervised while they’re not in their ‘quiet’ area. They can get up to mischief quite quickly and also they will most likely want the company as they get used to being away from their furry family.

Don’t forget, that until all your puppie’s vaccinations have been had, they need to stay within your home or your yard. It can be frustrating, cause you have the cutest little matching collar and leash set and you can’t wait to parade it around the block to show all the neighbours, but you don’t want to expose your puppy to anything he or she’s not ready to fend off. So once they’re over 16 weeks old and fully vaccinated, you’ll have to keep them to yourself.

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